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In our clinic, we treat all kinds of pain, paralysis, obesity and nutritional problems. We cure disesases and rehabilitate patients by using Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation, Balanced diet, Psychotherapy and counselling, Varmam and Sujok. Dr. Mariappan is the founder and chief therapist of Care to Cure Pain, Paralysis and Obesity clinic. He has in-numerous experience in treating patients and has in-depth diversified knowledge in modern science and Yogic Science. He is a proficient physiotherapist and learned therapeutic Yoga in Asana andiappan college of yoga & research centre. Also he is a certified and recognized practitioner in Acupuncture, Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Varma and Sujok (certified by International Sujok Association)

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We cure disesases and rehabilitate patients by using Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Yoga & Meditation, Balanced diet, Psychotherapy counselling & Varmam.



We practice physical therapeutic method which aims at pain relivement , reduces the physical dysfunction and also treats the musculoskeletal injury. we also helps to prevent the recurrence of symptoms at a later stage and thereby reduce the possibility of pain.



We are top among the best medical acupuncture specialist in madurai. We have excellent Acupuncture doctors and accupuncture specialist they provide you the treatments that can reverse the disease symptoms & relieve you from pain.



Care to cure provide personal Counselling that helps you to improve physical and mental health. Our Counselor strive hard to work on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours thereby help you to problem solve and relieve you from the stress and the depression.


Yoga & Meditation

We practice you the yoga steps in well friedly manner and we have a plan to spread hatha yoga to achieve physical, mental Spiritual well being, and self-realisation for the individuals. We provide Yoga therapy at customers doorstep.


Diet & Nutrition

We are one of the best dietitian in madurai and best nutritionist in madurai. Care to cure nutrition experts will guide you on a diet plan that will allow you to eat sensibly and help you to reach your esteemed weight gain and weight loss dream.



We provide varmam therapy treatment. It helps to eradicate various diseases without the pain. Our goal is to completely eradicate pain and paralysis to our customers and our mantra is "painless treatment to remove pain of our clients".