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We all have that unhealed demon buried deep inside us which triggers us to throw our tantrums and behave rashly over our dear ones. Even though one part of us regret later for hurting our loved ones by behaving in a capricious way, the other part of us will be stuck in the process of processing our reason behind those behaviors.

Those overpowering thoughts, unvalued feelings, unwarming smiles, unwelcoming gestures, miscommunication, hidden truths and suspiciousness are the common factors which shattered our bubble of hope and castle of happiness we built in our imagination and throwed us towards quarrels, conflicts, misunderstandings, lack of interest in life and partner and made us to pick divorce as a solution.

Some of you may even be a slave of drugs and addiction and suffer in serious psychological and physical issue which will become a big hindrance of your marriage life. But don’t worry! There are so many ways to overcome those problems and techniques to build your life by working on those tiny matters.

All you need is your willingness, time and whole hearted effort to work on fixing those missing puzzle pieces of your life. Develop the art of open talk and respect your spouse and lead a healthy fruit filling life!


There is an ultimate purpose to every relationship you hold in life. You have all right to love them abundantly irrespective of the fact that they are your sister/brother, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. But when the love you have towards someone turns you to take control over your partner, that’s when you feel like the whole world slowly comes crashing down in that relationship. If you don’t be aware and don’t fix things, it can even lead to the end of the relationship.

Some may say that possessiveness is the beauty of the relationship. But anything excess may be dangerous. So, Possessiveness is an umbrella term given for excessiveness of doubt, insecurity, fears etc. You need to keep a check on it. You may think that this is the cutest feeling that you would ever experience in your relationship. But remember, eventually things will start getting worse leading to doubting oneself and also the partner excessively.

What are the causes of Possessiveness?

  • Relying too much on a person
  • Lack of one’s space
  • Insecurity
  • Desires
  • Hidden fears
  • Lack of trust

How can you overcome this?

If you want to overcome the feeling of possessiveness, first of all, you need to start giving and taking some space in a relationship. If you start doing this, all the other fears and trust issues will get fixed. This will definitely not happen overnight. You need to work on your relationship consistently.

Remember, the efforts that you take to safeguard a relationship should be mutual. So educate your partner and work together to create beautiful moments.

  • Shalmia Kysar


Yes! It’s time to choose the best path and let yourself free from chaos. Like a little toddler we all have that never ending self critical thoughts inside us which hinders us from doing many things.

Ain’t it would be nice if we had a snooze or discard option to stop those palpitations, dizziness, shivering and sweating within us while confronting some peoples and places?

Even while expressing our hidden thoughts and sharing our deep feelings to our significant others, most of us are collapsed by this little demon called anxiety. Like every other emotion, anxiety is a normal human emotion but some of us are facing this issue due to the disproportionate level in the intensity of frequency of encountering this emotion. Because we are allowing those fears and self destructive statements to hug us and shatter our confidence and self esteem. It’s time to rethink and rework on those self destructive talks within us and face the reality.

We all would have had some moments where we would have totally become lost, stunned and blank. All our own self created recurring intrusive thoughts will throw us in a do or die situation and make us to feel weak and pave way to more and more intense anxiety like Generalized anxiety disorder(GAD), Panic disorder, Phobia, OCD and other anxiety disorders by creating a defect in our daily functioning.

Let’s fight this little demon inside us by becoming aware of our own emotions and thoughts and by developing rational thinking and relaxation techniques. Let’s acknowledge and accept our emotions to create a healthy living!



Don’t worry if you’re feeling angry right now. There is nothing wrong with you because it is completely normal to feel angry towards someone or something when things deliberately go wrong.

Anger is a basic human emotion and it is not always bad. Because it is a way in which you can express your negative thoughts and feelings. Anger helps you to be aware of your thoughts.

But Have you heard of a proverb, “Too much of anything is good for nothing?”

Similarly, too much anger will destroy a person’s overall quality of life. If your anger is taking control over you, then that can lead to many health-related issues. It will definitely affect your Physical, Mental and Social well being.

What are the physical and emotional symptoms of Anger?

Physical Symptoms:

¤ Anger will increase the level of stress hormones in your body.

¤ Increased Blood Pressure

¤ Increased Heart rate

¤ Muscle Tension

¤ Tingling sensations

Anger can cause problems to your HEART, BRAIN AND MUSCLES.

Emotional Symptoms:

Many emotions get accompanied while you’re angry.

You can notice the signs of,

¤ Irritability

¤ Frustration

¤ Anxiety

¤ Stress

¤ Guilt

¤ Rage

¤ Feeling overwhelmed

What are the Causes of Anger?

¤ Depression

¤ Obsessive-compulsive disorder

¤ Alcohol usage

¤ Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder

¤ Oppositional Defiant Disorder

¤ Bipolar Disorder

¤ Intermittent Explosive Disorder

¤ Grief

How can I find that I have anger issues?

Ask 5 questions to yourself that are mentioned below:

  1. Are you getting angry very often?
  2. Do you feel that your anger is getting out of control?
  3. Is your angry affecting the other relationships that you have in life?
  4. Do you think that you are hurting someone when you’re angry?
  5. Is your anger making you behave physically and verbally aggressive?

If you answer YES for most of these questions, then you really need to adapt techniques to help yourself from destroying your health.

Don’t know how to manage your anger?

That’s why we are here to help you manage your anger more healthily.

*Anger management techniques include,*

¤ Relaxation techniques

¤ Behavioral therapy

¤ Depression, anxiety, or ADHD medications, if you’re diagnosed with any of these conditions

¤ Anger management classes

¤ Anger management exercises

¤ Support groups



We all would have faced some situations where our hearts pound heavily and our muscles become tense and rigid. Even we would have faced sudden shortness in our breath as if someone choked out our throat. Some of us might even have a sudden increase in our breath even while sitting still.

When everyone is enjoying those pleasant sweet night sleep, for some of us it will be a never ending darkness which makes us fed up. Imagining those moments may make us feel dizzy and anxious.

This so-called stress response may pave the way to a healthy transition in our life or even a tragic situation in our life. But remember, in the end the choice will be yours. If you are ready to take this stress provoking situation as a challenge and face it confidently then you can taste the fruit of success and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. But if you are hesitant and indecisive while confronting a stress provoking stimulus means then you will forever be a slave of you stress.

For that first you have to free yourself from those chaotic thoughts and relax your mind to think rationally by doing some techniques like active exercise, mindful living, self care routines, by building your resilience and venting out through journaling and so on.

Yes, It is really tougher to live with those ruminating stressful thoughts which makes us feel unworthy and unloved, but it is even easier to develop coping strategies to overcome those negative self-talk and be a master of your mind and life.

Even Though the process of freeing yourself from those unpleasant flashbacks and hard hitting mistakes of the past is difficult. You can slowly and gradually break the cage and feel the freshness of freedom in life. Time to bounce back after stress!

Live this moment and embrace the little happiness around you!