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Avoid Neck Pain with Correct Posture

PAIN in the neck is more than just a phrase for those who experience serious pain in the neck region. In fact, all of us must have experienced it at some point of time or the other with difficulty even in turning the head.

Think of every joint in your body as the centre point of a tug of war game between opposing muscle groups. Muscular pain generally occurs when one group is overused, underused or misused causing it to become either tight or weak. Wrong posture, compounded with muscle imbalances, can create undue amount of stress on the joints in this region.


Most upper back and neck problems are due to the posture used in each persons everybody activities. Some people keep their computer slightly off to one side of their heads, such that the head is constantly turned towards one side.

Others sit in such a slouched position, where the backrest forces the head forward and the chin down. Stress can also be a cause. The muscle tightening increases in direct proportion to stress. The body then adapts to that tightened posture, making it normal for the person.